Best CBD oil for pain

Best CBD oil for pain

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CBD oil and pain

The health improving properties are many and one of the major ones is its ability to reduce pain. In fact, many people have been using CBD oil to get relief from their chronic pain. They see this as a natural alternative for pharmaceutical drugs which have side-effects and are addictive.

Even though both CBD and THC are cousins, CBD can provide many of the benefits of THC without the necessary high feeling. Not only that, if CBD is present in sufficient amount it can neutralize the effects of THC.

How CBD oil help you deal with the pain

CBD helps you get relief from pain by interacting with the receptors present in both your brain and your immune system. Whenever you are injured or in pain, your body sends chemical signals to the receptors. These receptors then help the respective part of the body deal with the injury or pain. The interaction between CBD and these receptors force them to create anti-inflammatory effects that reduce the pain.

Effects of CBD on chronic pain

CBD can help you by helping your body come up with a better pain management system. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD the level of inflammation goes down. As a result of this, the level of pain also goes down.

The biggest advantage of using CBD to treat chronic pain is that your body will not develop tolerance to it. That is you don’t have to worry that your CBD dose becoming ineffective and you have to increase it. In fact, you can use the same dose for a long period of time which makes it the perfect solution for a problem that is going to last a long time.

CBD has also found uses in treating depression and anxiety.

How to consume CBD for treating your pain

CBD oil is available in the form of many products and you can choose any one of them. CBD oil is found in the form of drops, vape oil, edibles, creams, capsules, and pills.


DropsCBD drops are considered by some to be the best. This is because the bottle in which drops are packed comes with a dropper. The advantage of the dropper is that people can measure the amount of CBD they are taking. This is especially useful for beginners as they have to first determine the regimen.

Also, drops are taken sublingually. That is the CBD is placed under the tongue. This region of the mouth has a very high level of blood vessels. Thanks to these blood vessels the CBD enters the bloodstream within a short period of time. In fact, taking drops is considered one of the fastest ways of absorbing CBD.

 Vape oil

Vape oilVape oil is a CBD oil product that one can consume using a vaporizer. In this method, the CBD oil is inhaled and absorbed through the blood vessels present in the lungs. This method is pretty fast and is preferred by people who like to smoke. The advantage of this method is that one can easily keep the vaporizer in their pockets. Also, it is difficult to find out whether a person has used or not by the smell from their mouths. Unfortunately, many companies add thinners in their vape oil. These thinners are bad for health. That is why if you are choosing to use Vape oil, make sure that the product does not contain thinners.


Edibles are food items that have been infused with CBD. People who prefer to use edibles mainly due to the fact that they do not like the taste of CBD oil. The edibles come in many forms. You can find them in the form of gummies, sour strips, froggies, and many more. The main problem with taking CBD in the form of edibles is that it takes a long time to reach the bloodstream. This is due to the fact that the digestive system has to digest the edible before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Depending on the stomach this process can be anywhere from one hour to several hours. The bright side is that the effects of the CBD last a bit longer. However, these are not useful if you want to feel immediate relief.

Pills and capsules

CBD oil can also be consumed in the form of capsules and pills. These capsules and pills face the same problem as edibles except that the CBD is not a part of the food item. These pills and capsules contain CBD alone and are in certain ways better than edibles. People who use capsules and pills need to take them well in advance if they want to feel the effects of CBD. Like the case of edibles, these capsules and pills are not good for those who want immediate relief.

Creams and topical

CBD can be infused into creams the same way it can be infused into edibles. People who suffer from chronic pain like arthritis will show a preference for creams. This is because they can be applied directly on the skin. Since the skin has many pores the CBD is absorbed directly and provides relief more quickly. The speed at which the CBD reaches the bloodstream is comparable with that of drops. However, the relief is felt faster thanks to the fact that CBD reaches the affected area faster.

Choosing the right CBD for treating pain

Choosing the right CBD for treating painDetermining how each body would react to CBD is not possible. This is due to the fact that each body is unique and even two bodies with the same weight will have a different medical history. Thus, it is not possible to recommend the correct CBD for treating pain.

Determining the dose needed for treating pain

The main problem with CBD is that it is not recognized as a medicine by the FDA. That means there is no chart saying how much CBD is needed to treat pain. For people who are beginning to use CBD, it is best that they start taking CBD in small doses. By starting with small doses it is possible to determine the correct dosage.

Finding the best place to buy CBD

CBD can be bought both online and in brick and motor stores. CBD that is sold online is definitely extracted from industrial hemp plants while the CBD sold in stores can be extracted from hemp or marijuana. The problem with CBD that has been extracted from marijuana is that it can be sold in states that have legalized marijuana.

In case you are planning to buy CBD online, there are certain things that you must ask. First be sure to ask them about the source of the hemp plants. Second, ask whether their products are tested by independent third-party labs. Reputable companies not only have third-party labs test their products but also publish them. Thirdly they should check for reviews about the company. In case they cannot find reviews it is best not to do business with them.

In case you have decided to buy CBD online and need help in finding genuine online suppliers you can refer to our Best CBD suppliers.


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