Alternative medication for Fibromyalgia pain – Kratom

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 medication for FibromyalgiaFor those who are suffering from any kind of chronic pain condition, you should have to find some ways to manage your pain which would be your daily battle. For any person, it would be a bit hard. Whenever you visit the physician, you will mostly be asked to talk about your pain level on the present day. Usually, the range of the pain is between three to nine, sometimes 10 on the worst case.

For me, the things are in the same way, when I wake up I used to experience more pain, and it might continue throughout the day, mostly in the end of the day, it would start to pain more. It is always a challenge for me to get over from the pain and feel comfortable, thus it makes harder for me to fall asleep and to stay asleep for most of the nights. No matter what, I will always try to look for the ways using which I will be able to manage my pain.

As I have been doing some of the research on the treatments for my pain, I came to know about Kratom products. By that time, I have no idea about Kratom, but some article has said that it is an herb that helps in managing the pain, so I had taken this into the study. I found that some of the patients who suffer from fibromyalgia are taking this drug successfully for managing their pain. Kratom is a herb and that is used to grow in tropical climates, mostly in the southeast Asia and Indonesia. Kratom belongs to the coffee bean family and it is used by middle east people as a stimulant of sorts, as much as Americans consume coffee.

I cannot come into a conclusion just by reading one article about the Kratom product, so I have continued to take some research and read some stories from the patients who have taken Kratom for treating their chronic pain and how they find relief in using the product. Knowing about the origins of this herb, I have started to try this drug. Well, you would have heard that it is easy to get the herb from the health food store, but when it comes to Kratom it is not that easier.

I have to go through two obstacles before I get my hands into Kratom products. The first is that I have to purchase the product. The second thing is that in the US there was a ban in buying it by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Yes, this drug cannot be purchased in my state. So, I have to wait until the ban for the product was lifted. You can check on the FDA official website to know whether it is banned on your state.

From searching for Kratom on the Google, you might be left confused with many websites online, where you can order the herb. However, I found one such online drugstore where I can get the product with high quality. The price of the product would depend on various factors that include the strain and the vein you choose. Kratom is available in different types of Strains and they are used for different conditions and uses. The one product of Kratom that I used to choose is Red Vein Thai. When I search for the Kratom products, I have found in one website that Red vein Thai is best for treating pain. You can also take a white vein of Kratom which can be used as a mild stimulant which would give you energy. The Maeng da variety can be used for treating more severe pain which is mostly prescribed to be used at night since it makes you tried.

I have found that Kratom can be afforded by anyone and they come in capsules and powder extracts. You would get the quality products at affordable cost from the top and reliable Kratom sellers. The cost of Kratom capsules would be between $30 to $40 for a bottle of 30 pills, but it is worth it.  This can be mixed with coffee, puddings or yogurt. By taking Kratom, I have experienced good results by taking capsules. If you are up to taking any medication, it is always better to consult with the doctor, so as to ensure that consuming Kratom capsules are safe for you to try.




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