Kratom Dosage

For any users at any stage, the dosage of Kratom plays an important role. The amount of dosage may vary with individuals based on their level of experience.

There is a difference between the curiosity of new users and experienced users. The former will be curious to know how to consume Kratom and the ways of taking it daily because they don’t know the particulars, but the latter would be curious to know the amount of dosage best suitable for them as it gives a holistic experience. And there is a question regarding the tolerance level of Kratom dosage too. As these two categories of Kratom users exists and both have some valid points to throw on the reality behind Kratom, this is what we are going to discuss here.

Kratom Sources

Kratom can be consumed in many ways. It can be made into a powder and consumed, fired and smoked, steeping in water or just chewing the raw leaves and also in Capsule forms. Where you buy Kratom products such as capsules, powder etc. also means a lot. Click here to know some of the top Kratom capsules vendors.

Kratom can be used for any of the following issues:


  • Managing pain: it has been reported that Kratom is extremely good for healing the pain caused.
  • Opiate – As a replacement for opioid and self-treatment for addiction.
  • Anxiety – Both high and low doses of Kratom showed the effective reduction of anxiety.
  • Energy booster – Energy boosting ability allows having enhanced work performance. Kratom also chases away the fatiguing the body.
  • Euphoria – One of the most reported effects is the Euphoria. According to the survey, most of the people announced that the reason for them consuming Kratom is their potential to cause euphoria


  • Memory and learning imparity. It has been proved from animal studies that it can damage the brain.
  • Liver damage: When adulterated Kratom is used, it reportedly caused pruritus and jaundice after two weeks of consumption. Though in many cases it was alkaline that caused this damage and not solely because of Kratom.
  • Though the above mentioned needs more evidence, there are enough words from the users that proves the above issues solved. But this is based on the study of using Kratom on animals.

Side Effects

Kratom does not hold good when taken consumed through the mouth. While taking that way, it can lead to many side effects. Some of the major illness being nausea, dry mouth, constipation, delusions, thyroid issues, and aggression. Kratom may even lead to death when they are taken in large doses. Another problem with Kratom is the addiction people get towards it. People who become extremely comfortable with Kratom, tend to become dependent on it and start to look for Kratom every time the issue arises. People who take regularly when stops taking it all of a sudden may experience body pain, twitches, sleeping problem, fever, and anger.


  • We do not recommend Kratom to pregnant women. Also, there is no information about their safety in that condition. Hence, avoid Kratom usage.
  • Kratom, when taken with alcohol, has increased the risk of a suicide attempt compared to people who take it without alcohol dependence.
  • When a mentally retarded person consumes Kratom, it will not help in curing the disorder but it will make it worse. On the other hand, those who do not have mental disorder did not get affected.

For New Users

It all starts with where you are buying Kratom. Though Kratom is available through a variety of sources in various forms, one should be careful enough and ensure the quality and originality of Kratom. This is where you should do your groundwork in finding a good source for Kratom supply. Referring social media will be helpful based on the talks about Kratom. If you are still not confident to buy it, try getting some suggestions from the legends of Kratom dosage. They can surely guide you in the perfect direction and you can confidently buy it.

For Pro Users

For those who already have masters in Kratom consumption, even for you people, Kratom might hold bad because of some failure. It is the tolerance level that plays a major role when it comes to Kratom dosage and that is the only thing an experienced user need to worry about. Kratom proves to be friendly when the dosage is friendly too.

Some Tips for New Users

If you fail to follow a particular strategy in consuming Kratom, then there is a maximum probability of you developing tolerance. Tolerance is when you intake 3 grams of Kratom as a fresher and 7 grams when you become an expert. You cannot compare tolerance with your GPA or a bank account. Higher the tolerance, higher is the risk factor. Keeping the tolerance lower is always preferable. As far as new users are concerned, it is as important to concentrate on the dosage as it is for the pro users. So, let us help them in understanding the dosage of Kratom until they get to know the importance of it.

Here is the strategy of finding the perfect dose. Try a new strain every day and do not repeat the same variety in the next three days. This is the usual way of getting what we want to know – the ‘dose’. When you buy for the first time, 4 – 7 bags containing different color and variety of Kratom should be purchased. This way your dosage remains unchanged and you will concentrate only on the rotation of strains.


Based on the rotations, you can get an idea on which dosage suit you. Though it becomes difficult to rotate as mentioned, finding and taking Kratom to that dosage would be more suitable than ever. So, rotate as much as you can.