Soma- An ideal medication for sprains and muscle pulls

What is Soma?

soma for muscle pullsSoma, generically known as carisoprodol is a skeletal muscle relaxant and pain relief drug used to treat painful conditions like sprains, muscle pulls, broken bone, torn ligament, musculoskeletal disorder and associated pain. Soma is a carbamate class of drugs which binds with the barbiturate receptor and interferes with the pain signaling. It has analgesic or pain relief property, anxiolytics or anti-anxiety property, muscle relaxation and sedative or hypnotic effect. Since soma acts with the brain and chemical signaling it definitely holds the scope for abuse as proved in a study conducted in Norway during 2008. They as categorized as schedule IV drugs in the United States whereas it is a prescription drug in Australia. Soma is a fast acting drug which is activated in less than 30 minutes of intake. The drug is usually prescribed for adults whereas its usage in children is yet to be studied. Many athletes have benefited from Soma in getting muscle pulls under control. It is categorized as class C in pregnancy category meaning any significant effect on pregnant mother and newborn is not yet to be ruled out but effects are proved in animals. The drug costs about $25 in the United States according to 2015 statistics, but if you are planning to save even better then get cheap soma for sprain from online drug portals where you could even grab a promo code other than the normal offer.

How do I use Soma for sprains and muscle pulls?

Soma medication is administered orally to two to three times a day according to Doctors prescription. People having muscle pulls and sprains have found relief with these dosages. Never increase the dosage for a faster result, which might lead to overdose and further complications like drowsiness, sedation, headaches, mental depression etc. It is usually preferred to take Soma 2 or 3 times a day before food, but the dosage and timing might be changed according to doctor’s decision. Take the prescribed dose and swallow it with a glass full of water. Ensure enough water is taken to get the tablet to stomach.

Which dosages of Soma are ideal for muscle pulls and sprains?

It is available in various dosage strengths and multiple forms. Usually carisoprodol might come with a mix of aspirin, where as a combination of codeine and caffeine is also available. The dosage varies from around 250mg to 350mg depending upon the physique of the patient. The most recommended dosages for muscle pulls and sprains are 350 mg. One can decrease the dosage if you are less tolerant to the drug.

Be aware of the adverse effects before using Soma:

Soma like every other chemical drug has several side effects that pop out sooner or later on the medication course. Some adverse conditions would be like paralysis, increased heartbeat, impaired vision or vision loss, agitation, aggression or confusion, lack of coordination etc., though the occurrence of adverse effects are very rarely reported. Some very common side effects include drowsiness, tremor, feeling light-headed, blurred vision, mild hallucination, nausea, sedation etc. Under any circumstances if the patient gets sick on using the drug, immediately consult your doctor, other than foretold side effects which are very common among soma users. Certain users also reported allergic reaction on using soma, like hives, skin discoloration, face swellings, lip and tongue sores etc. Always be informed regarding the usage of Soma to your near ones.